Impact globally, connecting locally. 

This is where you can find me running on a platform to promise student loan forgiveness as an elective


If I am ELECTED, (not sure what party I will be running on a ballot or ticket but)

Public Service for becoming a Political Figure and Public Servant

You will find me most likely in "Character" for educating the public and commentary over politicians by their own political parties even if I am not one of them

Through my history of testing for political leanings I am more of an independent centrist which means I land smack dab in the middle of the majority of issues between the Republican and Democratic parties

I am for all "amendments" 1st, 2nd, etc

So I believe in Freedom of Speech, Right to Bear arms, Freedom of Religion as well as Freedom from Religion

I believe in protecting rights of all Americans and Humans, & I have only attended one protest with a crowd of people in Dallas over funding the NIH and Women's rights

My format will be more of a comedian spouting issues when we make the more public announcement for anything televised

Andreaphd.com (online academic & other blog requested)

">"Prayers at the Chess Bible"